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Batavus Quip Extra Cargo E-Go

Batavus Quip Extra Cargo E-Go

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The Batavus Quip Extra Cargo E-Go is an original electric transport bike. This bike combines convenience and multifunctionality in one. With the powerful mid-motor and 7 gears, you keep cycling nice and light. Both carriers are easily adjustable, so you can easily add a child seat and have plenty of room left over for luggage. The strong frame of this transport bike has a unique frame number, making it less prone to theft.

Technical Specifications

Battery capacity: 300 Wh
Range: 40 - 90 km
Number of gears: 7
Type of ride: Recreational use
Motor location: Middle
Motor technology: Bosch Active
Battery upgrade possible


Warranty: 6 months for Fair, 12 months for Good, 18 months for Excellent.

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