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Urban Arrow Family - Performance Plus

Urban Arrow Family - Performance Plus

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Meet your new family member. One that will take you and your little passengers everywhere. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids who need to be somewhere, errands and other commitments outside the door. Zigzag effortlessly through traffic, enjoy a ride to the woods and choose the scenic route along the beach. One ride and you're hooked. The lightweight frame, electric pedal assistance, stepless shifting and low center of gravity guarantee a very pleasant riding experience. It's cycling like you're used to plus agility, stability and safety. And with the wide range of accessories you can tailor your bike to the needs of you and your family. Your Urban Arrow Family is so versatile that you might even leave the car in the driveway. And there's always a cherry on top: say goodbye to traffic jams!

Technical Specifications

Colors Black
Motor Bosch Performance Line - Smart System (75 Nm)
Battery PowerPack 545
Display Bosch KIOX 300 + LED Remote
Gear hub Enviolo Heavy Duty
Gates Belt Drive
Brake system Tektro Dorado


Warranty: 6 months for Fair, 12 months for Good, 18 months for Excellent.

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